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thanks for being interested in our website about dental implants.

This purpose of this site is to provide information about  modern technologies and procedures that have been developed to facilitate the insertion of dental implants into the jaws.

Just ask us if dental implants may offer a solution to your individual dental problem. 

3D_Rekonstruktion UK2dimensionaleRekonstruktionUK

Modern computerized technologies support precise planning of dental implants in connection with traditional split cast models. The pictures above show the 3D reconstruction of the lower jaw based on a computer tomogram scan (which is a special type of x-ray examination).


An implant inserted into a plastic model of the upper jaw is shown on the right. The healing phase which takes about 4-6 months in the upper jaw requires the patient to wear a provisional denture. After the bony healing the implant can be connected to a ceramic crown (demonstrated in a cast model without gums).


The young lady presented here lost two front teeth after an accident. The picture on the right depicts the situation after replacement of these teeth by two crowns attached to implants inserted into the bone of the upper jaw. Please be aware that the colors of the artificial teeth have been carefully chosen. The patient did not wish  shiny white teeth as the rest of her teeth did not match this color as well.
Instead of choosing an artificial color a special ceramic material offered a natural  impression.

We can offer an individual consultation if you should wish to consider a dental implant to solve your individual dental problem.

We are looking forward to meet you in our office in the heart of Zurich.

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